The Lazarus Machine 8-part webseries

The Professor, his Daughter and her Lover - a steampunk psycho-thriller
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What's special about THE LAZARUS MACHINE? It's live action, but with completely CGI backlot - if you've seen Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow or Sin City, it's like that. But we're doing it on a tiny budget in comparison but with the same quality of result.

THE LAZARUS MACHINE is set in an alternative "hard steampunk" universe in 1910 on the eve of the Modern War.

It's a dark love triangle between a soldier PETER WENLOCK, a young girl, TALIA, and her scientist father, THEODORE WINTER - and if that sounds ominously disturbing, well, it is. But not in the way you think. It's worse.

Hard Steampunk? What's that then? It's a term that Chris is pretty sure he's coined, meaning steampunk without fantasy elements where science works exactly as it does in the real world - except with one major difference: anti-gravity was discovered by Tesla.

Steve Turnbull
Chris Payne
Steve Turnbull